National Society,
Descendants of Early Quakers

Eligibility For Membership


Men, Women and children who establish descent, either lineal or collateral, from an early member of the Society of Friends (1835 or before), throughout the world, shall be eligible for membership. Junior members are eligible from birth to age 25 years.

Fees And Dues


A non-refundable application fee of $35.00 is to accompany the completed worksheet.  The $200.00 LIFE MEMBERSHIP fee is to accompany the completed application form, signed by the applicant. 

A Junior Membership fee of $20.00 is transferable toward life membership at age 25 years.  

The fee for filing supplemental papers is $35.00.  

Cost of Insignia is now $45.00, plus postage.

For a NSDEQ Application please contact:

Karen Pogoloff, National Corresponding Clerk

Anne Henninger,, National Presiding Clerk